CEO Message
Basic Business Policy
To All Associates ;

For over 30 years, Korea Merchandise Company has made adorable, lovable and soft toys that give bundles of satisfaction to children around the world. As you might know, soft toys have been considered as the symbol of the peaceful children world and we ,KMC , are proud of making them for so long time.

Since KMC started the toy business, weĦŻve never changed our basic minds toward the toys.
Our everlasting belief on the toys is that Soft Toys are the best present for Children God gives us and will be with the destiny of the Human Beings to the end.

We, KMC , have always been committed to conducting the toy business according to ethical, moral and social standards to keep our basic belief on the toys. As a basic principle, all business conduct must adhere to the highest standards of integrity and propriety.

The rich imagination that has been accumulated over past 30 years allows KMC to craft unique, pretty toys that have the ability of resorting to the hearts of children and adults. Each of our items is designed with our own sincere efforts and passion.

For 30 years, we , KMC , have intensively concentrated on creating soft toys that are made to last a lifetime. We are hoping that you will see the toys that make you happy at our site and travel in the imaginary world with our toys.

We would always like to appreciate it for your affection on KMC and will dedicate ourselves to making the toys with the humane feelings.

Sincerely Yours,